Arctic Climate System


In this course we will learn about the Arctic region, with an emphasis on how the Arctic plays a key role in the global climate system. Students will be introduced to the basic physical characteristics of the Arctic and its climate. They will learn how the physical and geographic characteristics of the Arctic contribute to, and are shaped by, the Arctic climate system. Emphasis will be placed on studying the Arctic from a systems science perspective, highlighting the complex interactions between different subsystems of the Arctic, such as the hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere. We will also explore how the Arctic has changed in the past, and what the future holds for the Arctic. Students will develop critical thinking and analysis skills through our emphasis on applying systems-level thinking to understand the interplay between physical principles, geography, landscape, climate, and human society. Class sections will be a mix of lectures and collaborative discussions on readings and course content. Most class sections will begin with a short reading recap. Completion of ENST 202 may be helpful but is not required; please ask instructor if you have questions about enrolling in this class.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AS NSM; AS AN

Section 01

Arctic Climate System
INSTRUCTOR: Michaelides
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