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EEPS Graduate Program

Are you passionate about unearthing the secrets of our planet and beyond?

Join us at Washington University's Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences.  Your curiosity is the key to unlocking mysteries that span billions of years and traverse the solar system. Immerse yourself in a vibrant academic community dedicated to understanding our dynamic Earth, its intricate environmental systems, and the other celestial bodies that populate our solar system. Whether you're decoding the impact of climate change, investigating the complexities of geological processes, exploring the potential of life on distant planets, or working with data from the latest space mission, our Department will empower you to shape the future of scientific discovery.

Your journey begins here.

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EEPS Graduate Program Overview

PhD program

Join our highly acclaimed, fully-funded five-year Ph.D. program in Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences and kick-start your research career with specialized technical and professional training.

Your first year in the program sets the foundation. You’ll identify a research mentor, embark on advanced coursework, initiate your research, form your Research Advisory Committee, and execute a first-year research project in your field of interest.

You’ll continue into your second year with more comprehensive courses, advanced research, and committee meetings. At the end of the second year, successfully passing your qualification exam will demonstrate that you’re capable of independent research. At this point you’ll be awarded a master’s degree.

In years three to five, you’ll immerse yourself in cutting-edge research in your chosen field, culminating in a dissertation defense at the end of your fifth year.

Throughout your journey, you’ll benefit from mentorship, research funding, and opportunities to travel for fieldwork, research, and presenting your findings at international conferences.

A detailed description of program requirements can be found here.

Post-baccalaureate program

Our two-year fully-funded post-baccalaureate program is tailored for exceptional individuals transitioning to graduate school with a vision to eventually pursue a Ph.D. In this program you’ll engage in a carefully selected array of undergraduate and advanced courses to achieve academic excellence and boost your future research potential. Successful completion of two years qualifies you for a master's degree and potential invitation to apply to our Ph.D. program.

Graduate Application Requirements

Transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate programs

Three recommendation letters

Resume or C.V.

Responses to application questions

Applications for Fall 2025 will open in September 2024




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More Application Information

You can find answers to common questions about applications in our Graduate School FAQ
For those choosing to submit GRE scores, please use WashU's school code 6929 and the department code 0806. However, please note that GRE scores are optional.
If you're submitting official TOEFL scores, please send them through ETS using WashU's school code 6929 and the TOEFL department code 71.
For inquiries about application fee waivers, please email artscigradadmissions@wustl.edu


Graduate Program Contacts

For general inquiries, contact Erin Marshall.
For questions about the application process and requirements, contact Mike Krawczynski, Graduate Admissions Coordinator.
For questions about the graduate academic program, contact Alex Bradley, Director of Graduate Studies.