Undergraduate Courses

L19 EPS 104 Freshman Seminar: Geology in the Field  
L19 EPS 105 Freshman Seminar: Habitable Planets  
L19 EPS 106 Freshman Seminar: Earth and Planetary Sciences  
L19 EPS 108A Oceans and Atmospheres  
L19 EPS 109A Quantitative Reasoning in Environmental Science  
L19 EPS 111 Introduction to Global Climate Change in the 21st Century  
L19 EPS 112 Freshman Seminar  
L19 EPS 116A Resources of the Earth  
L19 EPS 118A Geology of National Parks  
L19 EPS 131 Natural Disasters  
L19 EPS 141 Freshman Seminar: Unearthing the Science of Climate Change  
L19 EPS 171A The Solar System  
L19 EPS 201 Earth and the Environment  
L19 EPS 219 Energy and the Environment  
L19 EPS 221A Human Use of the Earth  
L19 EPS 308 Topics in Environmental Sustainability  
L19 EPS 319 Physical Oceanography  
L19 EPS 323 Biogeochemistry  
L19 EPS 336 Minerals and Rocks in the Environment  
L19 EPS 340 Minerals, Rocks, Resources, and the Environment  
L19 EPS 353 Earth Forces  
L19 EPS 385 Earth History  
L19 EPS 386 Earth Climate System  
L 19 EPS 390 Independent Study  
L19 EPS 400 Topics in the Geosciences  
L19 EPS 401 Earth Systems Science  
L19 EPS 404 Ideas and Controversies In the Geosciences  
L19 EPS 407 Remote Sensing  
L19 EPS 408 Earth's Atmosphere and Global Climate  
L19 EPS 409 Surface Processes  
L19 EPS 410 Earth Remote Sensing Methods and Instrumentation  
L19 EPS 413 Introduction to Soil Science  
L19 EPS 422 Sedimentary Geology  
L19 EPS 428 Hydrology  
L19 EPS 429 Environmental Hydrogeology  
L19 EPS 430 Environmental Mineralogy  
L19 EPS 437 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology  
L19 EPS 441 Introduction to Geochemistry  
L19 EPS 443 Methods in Biogeochemistry  
L19 EPS 444 Environmental Geochemistry  
L19 EPS 445 Organic Geochemistry  
L19 EPS 446 Stable Isotope Geochemistry  
L19 EPS 452 Introduction to Seismology  
L19 EPS 453 Interior of the Earth  
L19 EPS 454 Exploration and Environmental Geophysics  
L19 EPS 459 Geodynamics  
L19 EPS 460 Structural Geology  
L19 EPS 473 Planetary Geology  
L19 EPS 474 Planetary Geochemistry  
L19 EPS 486 Paleoclimatology  
L19 EPS 490 Independent Study  
L19 EPS 492 Field Camp  
L19 EPS 493 Internship
L19 EPS 494 Study Abroad
L19 EPS 496 Undergraduate Field Geology
L19 EPS 498 Undergraduate Research Seminar
L19 EPS 499 Honors Research

Graduate Courses

L19 EPS 500 Special Topics in the Geosciences
L19 EPS 511 Minerals in Aqueous Environments
L19 EPS 542 Chemical Petrology
L19 EPS 544 Methods of Geochemistry
L19 EPS 545 Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry
L19 EPS 549 Geochemistry
L19 EPS 553 Geophysical Data Analysis
L19 EPS 557 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
L19 EPS 558 Advanced Geodynamics
L19 EPS 561 Advanced Seismology
L19 EPS 566 Advances in Stable Isotope Geochemistry
L19 EPS 567 Planetary Materials
L19 EPS 568 Scientific Exploration of the Moon
L19 EPS 569 Thermodynamics & Phase Equilibria
L19 EPS 570 Planetary Geophysics & Dynamics
L19 EPS 571 Meteorites
L19 EPS 575 Advanced Planetary Geology
L19 EPS 576 Advanced Planetary Geology: Ice Worlds
L19 EPS 579 Planetary Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
L19 EPS 580 Deformation of Planetary Materials
L19 EPS 585 Advanced Earth History
L19 EPS 590 Independent Study
L19 EPS 591 Graduate Research Project
L19 EPS 592 Research
L19 EPS 595 Seminar
L19 EPS 883 Masters Continuing Student Status
L19 EPS 885 Masters Nonresident
L19 EPS 886 Doctoral Nonresident
L19 EPS 888 Doctoral Resident