Center for the Environment Speaker Series: Ruth DeFries

Two Stories in Pursuit of Linking Science with Action: the Millet Revival and Tiger Crossings

Because climate change and environmental problems are high on the agenda for both the public and policy-makers, science has never been more relevant to guide decisions. In this talk, Professor DeFries outlines scientific investigations aimed at addressing two urgent environmental issues in India: climate-smart agriculture that provides nutrition and a resilient food supply  and landscape connectivity for wildlife in the face of rapid infrastructure expansion. Each of these issues requires interdisciplinary collaborations across engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences to inform policy and develop workable solutions for society. 

This event is preceded by the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences Open House from 2:00 PM to 3:45 PM. See information here.

Reception in Rudolph Hall's Ginsburg Atrium to follow.

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