St. Louis Astronomical Society Meeting -

St. Louis Astronomical Society Meeting - "James Webb Space Telescope's First Year of Science"

An illustrated presentation and panel discussion by local astronomy enthusiasts

It has been one year since the James Webb Space Telescope’s first full-color images and data were released. In that time the JWST has been collecting images and data from objects near and far away. Planets in our Solar System have been seen with amazing detail. Stars and planets now forming have been detected in our Milky Way galaxy. Stars and galaxies in the early universe have been revealed. Scientific frontiers are being pushed to new limits due to JWST’s ability to image and analyze infrared light. What has Webb shown us? What does it mean? Our panel will share their thoughts and provide some insight into JWST’s first year of science. This presentation is part of a series of NASA sponsored events. Colorful posters will be given to all in-person attendees.

The St. Louis Astronomical Society is an organization for individuals interested in astronomy and telescopes. The public is invited to attend its meetings, telescope observing sessions, and special events. For more information about Astronomical Society events, please visit or call 314- 962-9231.  The event, cosponsored by NASA's Missouri Space Grant Consortium at Washington University in St. Louis, is open to the public free of charge.

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