EEPS Colloquium: Carolyn Crow

Carolyn Crow, Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences, cosmochemist and planetary scientist, University of Colorado Boulder

What’s my age again? Adventures in Dating Lunar and Terrestrial Impact Events

The impact record of the Earth-Moon system is a key constraint for many areas of planetary and earth science research. For example, the frequency of impacts on the early Moon gives insights into how Earth got its water and the conditions under which life first emerged on our planet. Despite their importance, there are still many gaps in the terrestrial and lunar impact records. This is due both to the complicated nature of impact cratering and the limitations of the samples collected by the Apollo missions. In this talk I will present on two projects that aim to (1) determine which impact produced rocks give reliable impact ages and (2) to fill some gaps in the lunar impact record.
Colloquium made possible by the William C. Ferguson Fund.
Host: Kun Wang