EEPS Colloquium: Yingwei Fei

Yingwei Fei, from Earth & Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science

High-pressure experimental simulations from planetary differentiation to internal structure

The layered internal structure of rocky planets is resulted from planetary differentiation and high-pressure phase transformations of planetary materials. There have been significant advances in static and dynamic compression techniques in recent decades, that allow experimental simulations of planetary processes under simultaneous high-pressure and high temperature conditions relevant to interiors of the Earth and super-Earth. Here I present high-pressure experimental results including planetary differentiation through liquid metal percolation in silicate matrix, and measurements of density, melting, and sound velocity of core and mantle materials. The results will be discussed in the content of our current understanding of the composition of the Earth’s core and the internal structure of super-Earths.

Hosted by: Mike Krawczynski