Undergraduate Research Symposium

Undergraduate Thesis Presentations and Poster Session

Oral Presentations

Bristol Brabson
Reconstructing Bovid Phylogeny Using Morphology
Advisor: David Strait

Jordan Neeley
Linking bedrock river morphology and the efficacy of erosion in southeast Missouri
Advisor: Claire Masteller

Emmett Ela
Impact of Volume Fraction on Strain Localization and Phase Mixing in Two-Phase Aggregates
Advisor: Phil Skemer

Henry Chandler
How Lithology Affects River Valley Morphology
Advisor: Claire Masteller

Sarah Wilson
Soil Lead Distribution in the St. Louis Metropolitan Region
Advisor: Jeffrey Catalano


Poster session will include posters by:

Ian Hutchison, Michael Mansour, Kenzie Mounir, Izzy Yanover, Fernanda Loza, Sophie Dorosin, Valencia Ajeh, Jesse Bower, Hans Burlin, and Maggie Hinkston


Reception to follow

Light appetizers and refreshments will be served


Join us via Zoom