Geospatial Field Methods


This course is an introduction to field geospatial surveying using high-precision GNSS systems and UAV's (drones) outfitted with a variety of sensors such as cameras, multispectral sensors, and lidar. Coursework will cover basic principles as well as provide hands on experience. Most of the course is project based, and students will complete a series of exercises designed to familiarize them with the effective use of field equipment. Students will design data collection strategies, collect data, and become familiar with data processing pipelines and visualization techniques. After completing the course, students will be prepared to safely and effectively conduct independent GNSS and drone surveys, and use the data for studies in Earth, environmental, and planetary science, archaeology, environmental science, ecology, landscape architecture, urban design, agriculture and a variety of other field-based disciplines. Prerequisites: Previous 300+ level coursework in Earth sciences, archaeology, ecology, or other coursework for which these methods are relevant.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AS NSM

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Geospatial Field Methods
INSTRUCTOR: Winston, Bradley
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