Intent to Graduate

You're almost finished. Declare your intent to graduate.

All candidates for a degree must file an Intent to Graduate Form by the College-specified date to be considered for degree conferral. The form is available online at WebSTAC. It can also be on our webpage under Resources. Paper copies are available from the Office of Student Records or from the Dean's Office. The deadline for filing the form is printed each semester on the university calendar in the Course Listings or may be obtained by contacting the Dean's office or the Office of Student Records.

Once the student files the form, the student's academic division is notified to consider him or her as a candidate for a degree. They will evaluate the student's record to determine if the student has met degree requirements and notify the department of the names of all final degree recipients. The Office of Student Records then posts degrees conferred with dates to records.

If the student fails to complete degree requirements during the semester for which the form is filed, the student must re-file the form for a subsequent degree period.