Michael E. Wysession

​Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
PhD, Northwestern University
research interests:
  • Seismology
  • Geophysics
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    contact info:

    mailing address:

    • MSC 1169-204-110
    • Washington University in St. Louis
    • 1 Brookings Drive
    • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    ​Professor Wysession is an expert on the Earth’s inner structure. He has mapped various sections of the Earth and is most noted for his map of the Earth’s core-mantle boundary. 

    Professor Wysession's research in seismology has primarily involved the computer modeling and interpretation of seismic data for Earth structure, addressing questions of Earth composition and dynamics. Areas of focus have been core-mantle boundary region structure and dynamics, core structure, physical causes of mantle and crustal attenuation, causes of intraplate volcanism and seismicity, and the forensic identification of seismic sources such as nuclear tests and military operations. He is the first geologist to map the Earth’s core-mantle boundary, some 2,000 miles below our feet. His research has been supported by 22 NSF grants, as well as funding from the Packard, Kemper, Lilly, and Pew Foundations. 

    Wysession has a 20-minute ‘movie’ of the Earth’s core, mantle and surface, showing what happens below us in a earthquake when one seismic wave follows another, wreaking havoc and making the Earth shudder and other resources on his personal website.