Bob Criss weighs in on midwest flooding

Criss says flood probabilities are greatly underestimated, which could have major implications for floodplain development and river management.

Though current Midwest flooding is being compared to the Great Flood of 1993, there are essential differences that may point to higher flood levels to come. Bob Criss, Professor Emeritus of Earth and Planetary Sciences, notes that current flood waters are primarily from the upper Mississippi River, rather than the Missouri River. An influx of water into the Missouri could lead to a "big mess," said Criss, with a "very severe flood" yet to come. Criss and others have published studies about the impacts of manmade structures and climate change, which can worsen flooding. Check out the full story from St. Louis Public Radio, "As Floodwaters Remain High, Many in St. Louis Wonder if They'll Reach Flood of '93 Levels."